Manufacturing And Assembly: Continuous Improvement

We are dedicated to the principles of Lean

At Vention, business excellence is integral to our culture. From the leaders of our facilities to each and every employee, we are dedicated to the principles of Lean: maximizing customer value while minimizing waste. When you partner with Vention, you can have confidence that we’re always striving to maximize safety, improve quality, optimize processes, and foster innovation, with the ultimate goal of bringing our customers’ innovations to life faster and more efficiently.

Rigorous Approach

Our enterprise-wide approach to business excellence leverages Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to continuously improve the quality of our medical device manufacturing and assembly services:

  • Maximize safety
  • Drive quality and predictable processes
  • Reduce variation and eliminate defects
  • Streamline and standardize processes
  • Improve production stability and capabilities
  • Eliminate waste
  • Reduce costs and inventory
  • Optimize service delivery

Lean & Six Sigma Certification Program

Hundreds of Vention employees are trained and certified in Six Sigma and Lean, with more being trained every year. Lean Enterprise Academy Training develops expertise in continuous improvement techniques including:

  • Kaizen events
  • Rapid Improvement Events (RIE)
  • 5 Principles for Problem Solving
  • 3P (Production, Preparation, Process) Design for Manufacturability
  • Value Stream Mapping for identifying waste
  • DMAIC methodology (define, measure, analyze, improve, control)
  • Lean Business Process Improvement

Value Improvement Process (VIP)

Vention uses VIP as a systematic, proactive, and disciplined management process to continually improve the safety, quality, service delivery, and cost of our medical device manufacturing and assembly services. Vention implements cost reduction projects during the year in the areas of material, labor, and overhead, always focusing on maximizing customer value.

Lean Week features activities to engage employees at all levels in Lean principles

Lean Week & Competition

Our annual Lean Week features activities to engage employees at all levels in Lean principles, including games, tutorials, and technical seminars to share best practices. A highlight of Lean Week is a competition that promotes innovation and recognizes Lean accomplishments. Employees participating in continuous improvement projects present the results of their initiatives to a panel of business unit and corporate leaders. Winners from each business unit go on to complete in a corporate-level competition judged by leadership team members.