VENTION | Advancing your innovations for the health Case Study No. 18   |   APRIL 2016
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Vention employees assembling medical devices in clean room
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Single-Use Device
Molded Components
Blood Management
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Tooling Transfer
Vention Rapidly Transfers and Validates 8 Tools for Complex Molded Components
A market-leading blood management company was having major quality issues with the molding supplier for critical components of its flagship product. The customer needed to transfer tooling for 3 complex, acrylic, single-use components—a total of 8 multicavity hot runner tools—with an aggressive deadline of 4 months.
The Vention team executed the customer’s stringent validation protocols flawlessly, ramped up production, and met the deadline.
The result was excellent tool performance, no supply chain interruptions, and a dramatic increase in customer satisfaction.
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